Storytelling with data
Inspiring Data is an innovative media agency that specialises in ‘storytelling’ with the use of data. We help organizations and companies in their quest to reach audiences with compelling stories based on facts and figures. Our mission is simple: to ask the right questions about the available data and then depict the answers in the form of attractive, compelling and easy-to-understand infographics and animations.

Storytelling is all about turning data into a meaningful narrative, while the visualization helps get the message across to audiences who would not otherwise be reached with straight data. Whether it’s a simple and compelling message, or a more complex story, an infographic reaches a wide variety of audiences, from experts to the general public. Infographics provide facts and figures, while also revealing interesting new trends, illustrating contrasts, and providing context. Because they are based on facts, not merely opinions and ideas, they are credible, transparent and reliable.
On a commercial or marketing level, infographics can ’travel light and far’. Thanks to social media and the constant search for meaningful online content, infographics have the potential for widespread distribution. This means your message has a long tail: its viral qualities will take it to new places, sometimes incredibly fast, sometimes a bit slower, for a relatively small investment.


Dutch Design
Here at Inspiring Data, we have a strong journalistic background in social issues and global developments. We combine our data-driven storytelling with a strong focus on state-of-the-art ‘Dutch design’. To this end, we work closely with a small group of young, innovative designers who help create our products.

We have completed infographic projects for a variety of companies and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. These include banking firms (such as SNS, ASN), an African financial institution, local and provincial governments as well as NGOs. One of our latest projects involved creating a set of five infographics and producing the annual report for the INHOPE foundation, an international NGO that works in the fight against child pornography and sexual abuse material online. We not only designed and produced the physical report and the infographics, but we also helped sort out and combine all available data into five clustered, thematic infographics. The entire project was done in English. Click here for a glimpse of the report.

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